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The Handy Pantry team is an extension of our family. We are a family owned and operated establishment since 1976. We support a collaborative work place where leaders are approachable and ideas are exchanged openly. We have a long standing commitment to advancement opportunities and fairness. We want our people to grow with us.

Careers in our business involve a wide range of responsibilities that will test and expand your abilities. With a defined career path, our employees have the opportunity to grow as far as their ambitions and skills will take them. You will learn to multi-task, work with a team, and work under time constraints. We offer industry-competitive salaries in order to attract the best people, as well as incentive programs based on performance. We focus on hiring from within and providing growth opportunities to the employees who wish to take on more responsibilities.

Handy Pantry is an Equal Opportunity Employer that recruits and hires qualified candidates without regard to race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, disability or veteran status.

Advancement Opportunities:  We encourage and support those who want to advance in there career and take on additional responsibilities. We are a growing company; a promotion to manager, head manager or franchise ownership is attainable in a relatively short period of time for those who demonstrate iniative and successful understanding of our operation.

Disclaimer: Advancement is dependent on performance and evaluations.